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What are “Meaningful Use” Objectives?
“Meaningful Use” objectives spell out what activities provider practices must complete with their electronic health records to
• Qualify for incentive payments of up to $64,000 under the HITECH Act
• Prepare to meet upcoming requirements for EHR use and reporting to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).
Please visit the CMS website for more information regarding Meaningful Use Objectives.

How can ASIIS and ADHS Make “Meaningful Use” Easier for Us?
Your practice can work with ADHS to meet the “Meaningful Use” objective of using your EHR system to directly submit immunization data from the electronic patient record to ASIIS (Arizona State Immunization Information System). Please click on the Attestation tab of this website for more information.

What can data exchange (Interoperability) with ASIIS do for us?
Interoperability between your EHR and ASIIS can achieve the following.
• No more duplicate immunization data entries!
• Seamless entry and retrieval of immunization data to and from ASIIS
• Immediate and accurate availability of complete immunization histories
• Improved efficiency with Quality Assurance activities
Please click on the 'EHR Interoperability' tab for more information.

Will Our EHR be able to both update and retrieve immunization data from ASIIS?
Yes! Provider office EHR systems will be able to directly:
• Update patient immunization records & demographics in ASIIS
• Request or query for patient immunization records in ASIIS
• Receive messages from ASIIS answering the request for immunization records as follows
What is the difference between attestation for Meaningful Use and EHR interoperability with ASIIS?
Attestation (described above) is an easy and automated process that documents, or confirms, that a practice has the capability to send an electronic message (HL7 messages) to the Arizona Department of Health Services Immunization Program Office. Attestation is necessary to meet Stage 1 Meaningful use and incentives.
EHR Interoperability initiates data exchange between practice EHRs and ASIIS. Interoperability eliminates duplicate immunization data entry for ASIIS reporting and provides practices with missing immunization histories. Participation in the EHR interoperability with ASIIS meets Meaningful Use and incentive requirements. Participating practices need to have sufficient Information Technology capacity and support to work with ADHS staff on achieving successful message (HL7 message) transmission.

How can I submit a test file for Interoperability?
Please prepare a sample test file file and email us at Please avoid submitting real patient data at this time.

How can I set up and use the Rapid Transport tool?
You can download the Rapid Transport Tool and then follow the Instruction guide.

Please contact the Arizona Immunization Program Office ASIIS Hotline at 877-491-5741 or if you have any questions.