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You are requesting a user account to access the Arizona Department of Health Services Bureau of Public Health Statistics Abortion Reporting Application.

Step 1:  Select Your Facility.   The Facility will be the name of the facility whose abortion reports you will be submitting.   After selecting your Facility then press the "Continue" button.

If your Facility is not in the selection list press the "My Facility Not Listed" button. Next, please enter your Facility information.

Step 2:  Provide all information requested.   The Email address that you provide must be a vaild Email address where you receive Email.

Step 3:  Submit the registration request.   After your information is validated, you will receive an email to the email address you have provided with further instructions.

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Please provide the answers for the challenge questions from the selection you have made.  After you have provided the answers and an outside DHS email address, please press the complete button.

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